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The historical-artistic Commission

of the Ente Palio
Matteo Provasi
Presidente Commissione Storico Artistica

Composed by the representatives of the eight contrade and by the one of the Corte Ducale (Ducal Court), the Commission is the advisory body of the Executive Committee of the Ente Palio, whose task is to evaluate the historical and artistic aspects of the multiple and complex activities linked to the Palio. It is up to the Commission to suggest and promote specific projects related to parades, public shows, ceremonies and other types of entertainments forecasted in May. The Commission establishes the technical-evaluation parameters of the prizes “Nino Franco Visentini” and “Nives Casati”, assigned by a jury composed by external experts called to evaluate the best parades and shows curated by the contrade and Corte Ducale on the evening of the second Saturday before the races in Piazza Ariostea. Finally, it is its task to plan the direction of other important events, such as the “Carnivale degli Este” (Carnival of the Este) in the historical city centre and the spring “Omaggi al Duca” (Tributes to the Duke) in the courtyard of the Estense Castle.
Due to its peculiar function, the Commission actively interacts and collaborates with several cultural associations, scholars, professors, university researchers, civil servants, library managers and museums directors (local and state ones).