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Palio di Ferrara
Highlights The Executive Council of the Ente Palio of the city of Ferrara, which met on 20 September 2021, decided the date of the 2022 Palio races. Sunday 29 May in Piazza Ariostea (with recovery from 30 to 31 May). Watch full video READ THE NEWS


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Proclamed in 1279

 from the ancient Palio to the present day

The Palio

The Palio di Ferrara performs one of the most characteristic recreational customs of the Italian municipal period. Today there are four palii contested in Piazza Ariostea on the last Sunday of May, as reported in the chronicles and statutes of the fifteenth century.

The Contrade

The palii are contested by the four “rioni”, whose territories are inside the city walls: San Benedetto (white and blue), Santa Maria in Vado (yellow and purple), San Paolo (black and white) and Santo Spirito (yellow and green); and by the four “borghi” located outside the walls: San Giacomo (yellow and blue), San Giorgio (yellow and red), San Giovanni (red and blue) and San Luca (red and green).


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